Security is a highly specialised discipline that has an influence on all our lives. From the key to your front door we are now confronted with access cards, security alarms and security cameras at every turn. We are continually exposed to security of various forms and accept it is now a part of everyday life.

However, this exposure has not been accompanied with the knowledge on the best security solutions. Traditionally you call a security company who send out a sales rep who will ‘advise’ and offer to sell you a security system AND monitoring. They are not really concerned with giving you the best security solution. They don’t want to price themselves out of a sale and they really need that ongoing monitoring revenue. You don’t really know if you are getting the right security system for your need.

Assured Security & Consulting does have this knowledge. Over 30 years of it in fact. We listen to you and then conduct risk assessments based on these conversations and advise what you actually need. We keep the security companies honest by ensuring your get the correct security solution.

How do we know this? We’ve been on both sides of the fence. We’ve been the sales rep, the installer and we’ve also been the customer. We’ve had security companies know that we check and vet their work to still take short cuts. Assured Security & Consulting can check their work to ensure standards are kept.

Assured Security & Consulting makes sure you get the security that you need – saving you money and providing peace of mind.